Daer Bat- man,

You may be bitter when you read my love letter and see my rose to Vicki Veil. My obsession with her must be hard for a hero like you. I know that you love her and the things I do and say must hurt worse than all your foes combined. But I want you to know, I am not your adversary, even though we vie for the same heart.

I may tell jokes like the Joker and use my madness to express my love for her on the streets.
Though, I do not wish to hurt anyone who vows to protect the people of Gotham.

I may create illusions like the Mad Hatter, riddles like the Riddler, chance-play like Two-Face.
Though, I do not wish to hurt anyone who vows to protect Vicki Veil.

The truth is I am not a villain, just a resident of Gotham City. (now in Metropolis)

I’m a dreamer who leads with his heart. It has taken over my life. My love for Vicki Veil is a gushing spring with no end in sight. I have tried to plug it up several times before, aware of the mess I have made - slippery puddles all over the ground for everyone to walk around. I feel like how you see me - as a romantic idiot. But just know, this idiot has love for you too.

I celebrate your dark knight status.

Your bravery.

Your integrity.

Your artistic expression.

And most obviously -your taste in women, or at least in one particular woman.

Being a hero like you bat- man, may feel like a lonely existence. Where all the money in the world cannot solve your loss. Though, the works by which you have given to the city of Gotham is commendable.

I salute you.

Few people can do what you do and it takes a big heart to give to a cause that feels like a burn. That, I can empathize with you.

You may not want me to use the bat signal anytime soon but down the road maybe?



Vicki Veil’s Admirer